EC Pro Series - Variable Speed - Mixed Flow Fans

EC Pro line fans use standard 120-volt AC power which is rectified to DC power to run the permanent magnet, brushless motor. EC fans have improved speed control and are more efficient at slower speeds than their standard AC counterparts; as you decrease the speed of an EC fan, you decrease the power consumed. All Renegade EC fans run at full speed with no speed controller connected; to gain stepless speed control, simply connect the included speed controller, rotate the knob. For those who require wireless speed and timer options, the Renegade remote control (SKU: RENRC) is available. The remote-control receiver plugs into the fan port giving the user the option of using the soft touch control buttons on the receiver or the wireless handheld remote, a digital display on the receiver shows the speed level and time remaining on timer.

EC fans are a great option for applications where the CFM requirement changes. EC fan speeds are easily controlled from 50% rpm to full speed and as you slow the speed down the energy consumption also goes down making it an economical choice for those who require a multi speed fan.

Each of our EC fans come complete with a detachable speed controller and 6 foot/1.8meter cable, cable connectors are high quality, steel, threaded connectors to maintain a positive connection. Fans come with a mounting base and a 6 foot/1.8meter 120-volt power cord installed.

ETL / Intertek certified.

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